Microbial Diversity of Marine and Terrestrial Thermal Springs

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Thermophilic diversity

from Microbial Diversity of Life, Edited by James T. Staley and Anna-Louise Reysenbach. ISBN 0-471-25433-9. Copyright 2002 by Wiley-Liss, Inc.

Table Group
2 Photosynthetic Bacteria
3 The Family Syntrophobacteraceae
4 The Order Clostridiales
5 The Class Bacilli
6 The Order Thermales
7 The Order Thermotogales
8 The Order Aquificales
9 Other Thermophilic Bacteria
10 The Family Archaeoglobaceae
11 The Class Methanobacteria
12 The Order Thermoplasmatales
13 The Genus Thermococcus
14 The Genera Pyrococcus and Palaeococcus
15 The Order Sulfolobales
16 The Order Pyrodictiales
17 The Order Thermoproteales