Ongoing research projects

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ENDED NSF OCE-9729784 Pyrite-a crucial mineral and surface for microbial life in extreme hydrothermal environments.

NSF-RIDGE. Interdependence of microbial activity and rates of geochemical reactions: An interdisciplinary experimental study under hydrothermal conditions.

NSF-OCE. Characterization of an Indian Ocean Hydrothermal Vent -- CIR 34S: Biogeography and Biology within a Geochemical and Geological Context

NSF OCE-9996160 Geochemical constraints on the ecology of some of the deepest lineages within the Bacteria and Archaea.|
MOCAT. A tropical microbial observatory: Collaborative research on microbial diversity in caterpillars.
DOE Calcite Precipitation and Metal Partitioning in Groundwater and the Vadose Zone: Remediation of Strontium-90 and Other Divalent Metals and Radionuclides in Arid Western Environments.

DOE. Determining the importance of the interaction among microbes for efficient remediation of groundwater contamination

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